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$300k+ Dollars Donated to Individuals, Families, & Organizations In Need

Over 60,000 Toys That Have Been Generously Donated to Saint Luke’s Pediatric Unit.

Cans and bags of dog and cat food donated to local nonprofits

Over $15,000 in Gift Cards to Individuals, Families and Organizations That Need it most.

Lehigh Valley Community Benefit (LVCB) exists to make good things happen for people and organizations that have experienced a tragedy, loss, or unanticipated challenge.

Four Areas of Focus:

Individuals and Families affected/impacted by tragedy or loss.

Kids facing health, financial or other trauma or crisis.

Veterans/Military/First Responders organizations in need of support as they support others.  

Animals facing health, financial or other trauma or crisis.

LVCB is Proud to Support: 

And More!

Impacting Lehigh Valley

All Proceeds Go Back To The Lehigh Valley and Surrounding Areas

Our big event is Tucker’s Toy Run and Raffle each fall. We sell raffle tickets for a large prize (usually a nice Harley Davidson or the equivalent in monetary form) and some other monetary raffle prizes. On the day of the raffle we do our Toy Run to deliver toys to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital for the holiday season.

All proceeds from the raffle, silent auction, donations, and Toy Run all go to support a number of local Lehigh Valley nonprofits. Many of the funds are distributed soon after during the holiday season, but funds are saved to support these nonprofits and needs that arise throughout the year.

Raffle Tickets Sold Each Year

Average Dollars Raised Annually

Average Annual Riders in Our Toy Run


2024 Sportsmen’s Raffle Winners

Thank you all for your support and congratulations to all the winners of our Spring 2024 Sportsmen's Raffle! 1 #857 Amber Mackerly 2 #976 Bill Loy 3 #1487 Kevin Smith Sr. 4 #536 Bill Keller 5 #1214 Joe Cavallo 6 #162 Brook Heckman Lord 7 #1027 Mike Henning 8 #1709 Joe...

2023 Donations Already at Work

2023 Donations Already at Work

We all ride the wave of excitement after each successful Tucker's Toy Run each year. It's such a fun event for so many reasons: the joy on the faces of those at St. Luke's Hospital, the joy on the riders as we ride in unity over to spread cheer and drop off the toys,...

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