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We all ride the wave of excitement after each successful Tucker’s Toy Run each year. It’s such a fun event for so many reasons: the joy on the faces of those at St. Luke’s Hospital, the joy on the riders as we ride in unity over to spread cheer and drop off the toys, the fun we have giving away fun things like motorcycles and other prizes. However, what’s also fun is the smaller moments throughout the year where we get to put the funds raised at Tucker’s Toy Run to good use. And this year, those funds were deployed almost immediately to a few worthy causes. All of these donations listed here have been made possible by teh 2023 fundraising efforts for Tucker’s Toy Run, and the donations took place in the 4-6 weeks following the event:

  • $2500 donated to Valor House
  • $2500 to the Smith Family honoring their Marine Son who was Killed In Action (KIA)
  • $2500 to the Kindness Project
  • Truckload of food and other animal items to the Lehigh Valley Animal Food Bank.
  • Additional donations to police and fire departments and Shop with Cops

When you support Lehigh Valley Community Benefit, you are part of something bigger! The cash donations, or the raffle ticket purchases are great, but there is a tangible impact behind every dollar donated. We want to thank everyone who was part of Tucker’s Toy Run this year in 2023! YOU helped make these donations possible now, and throughout the next year!